IMPOSSIBLE Is Changing. Are you Ready?

Hi everyone!

Today's not a question but rather a series of answers :) 

During the past few months, I've thought about the future of "Impossible". In parallel, after each Impossible many of you - Vaite, Dave, Sam, Cecile, Johanna, Baptiste, William, Adrien, Olivia, Joya, Francis - were getting back with amazing feedback and thoughts about the ideas portrayed.

These conversations were mind-boggling and breath-taking. They made me want to open my inbox more often! They made me think harder and further about meaning. To those friends, and others - you know who you are - thank you. This opened my eyes to the magic of thinking together. It made it clear the answers were distributed across and among us.

The search for the meaning of life, the universe and everything is - the Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy and - The Impossible Campaign's ultimate goal. It is also a collaborative quest. We are the Interstellar crew and meaning is, just like Nolan's Gargantuan black hole, something beyond which nobody knows what lies.

Hence, from this Thursday on, The Impossible Campaign will have a new banner: "The Meaning of Life ... In your inbox". I'll explain the concept below but if this sounds like something you or your friends might enjoy, reply to this email and cc them, I'll do the rest. And if it doesn't feel like something you'll enjoy, the "unsubscribe button" is below.


What is this new Impossible format?
One topic a week. One discussion a week. Usually gravitating around Life, the universe and everything: Tough questions we often can't figure out alone.

Uh! This is weird! Why should I collaborate? I've never done anything like this before
Every time you resist figuring out the meaning of life, the universe and everything, a small baby kitten is micro-waved. Are you a baby kitten killer? ... That's what I thought

Besides the kittens, 'Meaning' is humanity's next frontier. An "earth-bound black hole". Kinda the one thing no one has a definite answer to. Because there isn't? Because it's very personal? These very questions push the boundaries of our thinking.

Is this a game? 
Maybe. But when you've thought about and discussed whether there is such a thing as an "I" for a week or if relationships should be re-imagined, you can be sure you'll look at your daily life differently.

What should I write?
Anything that comes to mind. And you don't even have to contribute. Just watch from the sidelines and jump in when you feel like it.

Won't this take up time and distract me from my work?
Great question! Maybe next week's topic should be about work's role in our lives!

Will I have to pay to be part of this?
This is an experience. And one I'm enjoying thoroughly. If I feel it's taking a big chunk of my time but providing value to people, I'll get back to you guys about this.

I kinda like this. How can i help?
The more people, the more interesting the discussion. If you have friends you believe can bring value to the discussion and would enjoy being part of a weekly thinking thread, reply and cc them. Let's do this :)