Re-imagining Relationships

The Philosopher's Mail is a twist on newspapers engineered by The School Of Life. Articles have titles such as "François Hollande and Soren Kierkegaard" or "Interview with the soul of Angela Merkel". Some simply feature great philosophers. In the one about Sartre, one can read:

"To be Sartrean is to be aware of existence as it is when it has been stripped of any of the prejudices and stabilising assumptions lent to us by our day-to-day routines. We can try out a Sartrean perspective on many aspects of our own lives. (...) Think of your job through Sartrean eyes: you and many others swathe your bodies in cloth and congregate in a large box where you make agitated sounds at one another; you press many plastic buttons with great rapidity in exchange for pieces of paper. Then you stop and go away. The next time the sky gets light, you come back"

The world is weirder than it seems. But rather than being a debilitating fact, this is an invitation to be free. We can do whatever we want. "The admission that life doesn’t have some preordained logic and is not inherently meaningful can be a source of immense relief when we feel oppressed by the weight of tradition and the status quo". So let's put on Sartrean lenses and re-imagine relationships. Completely. How about:

  • Daily gratitude sessions. The same as Martin Seligman's 3 daily blessings only done together in a couple to realize how amazing it is to have found someone you enjoy being with and share daily trivia with them :)
  • Weekly feedback session with each partner having written notes. Review of the best and worse interactions. Not a criticism session but rather a "This thing you did made me feel X"
  • Monthly silent dinner night out. Simply enjoying each others' gazes and flipping the "silent couple" image on its head.
  • Yearly common project. A co-created piece of art, a garden, a new common hobby etc.

Who's in a couple and would like to discuss this further? Reply to this email and I'll create an email group for us to exchange ideas :) Btw, the average open rate of this newsletter has been a consistent 75% !! Mailchimp says it's an "industry record" :D Thank you Impossible Fam !!