You are Negative Space

When you make a choice, you are putting down life possibilities
Like stray dogs in a lost village in the US
There is a whole cemetery you are giving birth to
One you will never set foot in
But just as blanks define this poem
Just as silence is the stone a composer sculpts out to create music
Dead choices give birth to you
You are what you chose not to choose
Just as you are as much about what you accomplished than what you failed to reach

Brain-Pickings writes - While a "near win" may be an invitation to grow, it is anything but comfortable. One of the most easily discernible manifestations of its anguish is found among Olympic medalists. Lewis cites the work of Cornell psychologist Thomas Gilovich, who found that silver medalists were far more frustrated with having lost than bronze medalists. (...). And yet the "near win" is also the reason why silver medalists are more likely to win the gold next time around – victory seems possible, yet not as far away as for the bronze medalists, so the "near win" is experienced as a nudge to sharpen focus and try harder rather than a discouragement. Lewis writes:

A near win shifts our view of the landscape. It can turn future goals, which we tend to envision at a distance, into more proximate events. We consider temporal distance as we do spatial distance. (Visualize a great day tomorrow and we see it with granular, practical clarity. But picture what a great day in the future might be like, not tomorrow but fifty years from now, and the image will be hazier.) The near win changes our focus to consider how we plan to attain what lies in our sights, but out of reach.

Masters are not experts because they take a subject to its conceptual end. They are masters because they realize that there isn’t one. On utterly smooth ground, the path from aim to attainment is in the permanent future.

So if what we are lies in the un-done and un-chosen
Where can we find peace?
How do we land ourselves in that field where we once breathed fully
As if nothing was clutching our lungs anymore
Breathe with me
Here it is. It’s always been here
Your thoughts and thoughts about thoughts, loops and re-loops
Can fill the universe
They are ADHD kids entering a supermarket for the first time
Let them run and turn the shelves upside down
And they’ll let you breathe
Your presence lies in the infinity of what you cannot see, count or control
Your presence is bathing in a sea of absence