Benoit Mandelbrot : The fractal echo of an infinite idea

A lot is said about Mandelbrot's theories in the media these days. The financial times' Lex videos wonder whether his work was overstated. I'm going to gather all the humility I can, all I've learned from and about Mandelbrot to write this : Ideas' value rests much more in their legacy than in their virality. Mandelbrot's models and math often seem esoteric to whom starts reading him. He refers to himself, he is always trying to remind how he was the first and only to think about the new kind of geometry fractals are. And he has been right to do so. Only what the world will remember is not the man. Mandelbrot won't become a modern Einstein, a star in the world of physics. Maybe because he was an outcast of every science but mainly because his idea was bigger than him. Mister Mandelrot unveiled a truth about the world's functionning as he demonstrated in his TED talk and as the 'Chaos' documentary on BBC shows. The man is gone, but the idea, the thought, the possibility of a new order, a different order, an alternate way will stay. We are here to make sure it does

Rest in Peace Sir