The Nowak instinct


In an article by Elizabeth Gudrais in the Harvard Magazine about the rise of Network theory, a very interesting part about mathematics and biology professor Martin Nowak shows the graph I'm displaying here.

Nowak says : “If one person has an idea, which network is best for the spread of this idea?” and the article goes on to say that "the star structure works well if all the connections are bidirectional : a good idea that originates in the center is immediately transmitted to the outlying nodes. A good idea that originates at one of the outlying nodes quickly reaches the center and is disseminated from there."

This seems not only like a great natural network where spreading an idea would be easy, it is also the kind of network organizations and companies would benefit from if they were to build these structure around


h of their employees thus making them alternatively either the epicenter of innovation or the hubs of one.