The Universe's Memory

It must be serendipity or else it's the fact that I'm focusing on a given subject that now makes it possible to see what I haven't been seeing. As you might know, the butterfly effect is one of these concepts I find amazing. And it's been the case for quite some time lately. The awe went up a notch today as I ran through one of the last chapter's in James Gleick's "The information" Gleick describes how Charles Babbage saw the air as being the record of virtually (or rather physically) every sound that's ever been made on Earth. Every whisper, every step's sound, every animal's growl, every growing leaf on a tree's branches have moved the air around these creatures. It has impacted the atmosphere and left its trace. Hence, the air around you is a library of every sound that's ever been maid. It's a thought I had already had and found more poetic than scientific. But the planet never forgets. It's true. The Universe's memory is limitless.

The universe takes Everything into account. It even has a library of every picture, every scene, every set that's ever existed. Meaning the universe has a physical trace of Napoleon's crowning. Why, because the sun was there in that day, light was there and light was modified, steered by the presence of these people.

The Universe is a multi-dimensional library, or rather a deeply physical library. And that made me think about the butterfly effect. What ?! Well, yes

The butterfly effect is often summed up by the famous "can the flap of the wings of a butterfly in Mexico cause a tornado in Texas ?". And the reason why it could is because the universe does not forgive, I mean, forget :)

The universe takes every single physical event into account and adds it into the equation. Nothing is left out. Everything is consequential. Your every stroll, your eveyr word, your every blink and your every breath. You mean a lot to the universe.

The woman in the pic is completely unrelated to the post if not to say that she too is very important to the universe. But I assure you she counts for this post since she is spiking views like hell's hungry flames