The coming reign of the 10 fingers : I see a greasy gorilla-glass future

The day started with an amazing ad by Samsung to promote its new Galaxy II called "Unleash your fingers" : [youtube=]

Only it soon headed to a very interesting article by Gizmodo's Jesus Diaz about how Photoshop's Ipad application shapes the future of computing. More interestingly however is a video he put in his article about 10GUI view of the future of computing:


And in this video : One striking sentence. What does it mean to go from Mouse to multi-touch ? How big is this shift in the history of humans' interaction with PCs ? Well, here's my take on things :

The day we will move to multi-touch interfaces instead of the traditional mouses, be it as 10GUI sees it or any other way, will be as major a day in the realm of HCI (Human Computer Interaction) as the day humans got their opposable thumbs : The evolution that allowed us to grab things, model them and start our exponential conquering of the earth.

Why ? For the moment : we are interacting with our computer screens with ONE point. ONE dimension : our mouse's pointer. Imagine the potential lying in the use of 9 more pointers : Your whole ten fingers ! Imagine the applications, the visualizations, the control you would have over your OS and your creations. Imagine the possibilities apps adapted to the use of all tens would offer !

The future will sure be greasy but I'de give ten years out of my life to spend thirty minutes in 2500, 10 of which I'll spend using one of their gadgets. If there'll be any gadgets at all then !