The Bieber Distortion : A metrics problem (seriously)

This is a quote from a very interesting Adage article about the problems that occur when trying to apply metrics on social media :

And then there's what we at Ad Age call The Salt Lake City Effect, aka The Bieber Distortion. Last summer, in the course of tracking chatter about various Hollywood blockbusters via Trendrr, we saw, over the course of just a few hours, a seemingly inexplicable surge in tweets including the word "Salt," the name of the then-late Jolie vehicle.

Beyond the core problem that "Salt" has an unfortunately generic name for a blockbuster (unlike, say, "Inception"), we wondered: Did a new "Salt" trailer get released? Did Jolie experience a nip-slip or other wardrobe malfunction on a red carpet somewhere while promoting her movie? No and nope. It took awhile for us to figure it out, but by parsing individual tweets, we ultimately discovered that pop star Justin Bieber, who was then on tour, had just arrived at his latest destination, where he tweeted, "Salt Lake City is super chill. Air

just feels clean. Feels like it's gonna be a good day." His fans retweeted that bland observation endlessly, giving the word "Salt" a boost out of nowhere.

I just had to share this :)