Google why ? (A geek's rant)

What follows is the rant of a typography lover who, despite all the love, respect and admiration he has for the greatest tech company in the world, simply doesn't understand where it stands anymore when it comes to Interface design. Lately, today actually, I saw this : When you scroll down in your history in Google Chrome, there's an option to see "More" and older webs pages you've visited. But can you see the Font they used for "More" ! I know, I know. My rant is excessive, sick, obsessive ... who cares ? Nobody. I agree. But this ladies and gentleman is the tip of the iceberg of a company that has lost all touch with style:

  • Where is the unified interface design for all Google Products ?
  • Is it that hard to set some guidelines inside the company for interface design to be truly unified ?
  • Where is the design coherence between Android, Chrome and the rest of Google Products as much on the level of user design as on the level of user interface ?
Why care ? Because others do. Because Apple has that coherence throughout the microcosm it has created. So where is Google ? Is it that hard to catch up ? Is minimalism really a design choice when it hinders the user experience ? No
Google why then ?
Rant over. Thank you