Essential Bohemia

Ancient Cynics, African fulas, wandering medieval poets, eighteenth century literary Hacks, the beat generation, Hippiedoms, Gypsies, the Beat generation, Burners, Rainbow people, contemporary alternative squatters ...


Though the origins cannot be traced, it feels the world has always had and will never lose Bohemia. Gypsies in french are called "les gens du voyage", meaning "the people who travel" or more literally, "the people of travel". For travel is the very nature of their lifestyle. It's never about the destination. It is all about the journey and only about the journey.


Can Bohemia survive in our world ? That's the wrong question. Bohemia is a life choice that carves its way into and through existence. The world has nothing to say and nothing to do with its being. It emerges within it like an essential alternative and an eternal alter-ego of the sedentary urban men and women who calm the urge to move and dumb it down with walks in the parks.


The question is rather : Can the world survive without Bohemia ? What happens the day where our essential reminder of a possible otherness disappears. What happens the day where alternatives are not there to make sure we understand it is a choice we're making. An escapable choice. That fatality is a low-life excuse and that life has no remote control. One needs to get his ass up and go change it.