Of natural selection in populations of public bikes

Who says evolution is limited to biological creatures ? See here Paris' Velib bikes. I challenge you, I dare you, I double-dare you to find public bikes during the day as good as the bikes you find very (very) early in the morning. Often they'll have deflated wheels, broken pedals or emit all kinds of strange sounds.

Why ? 3 reasons I presume:

  1. The travellers who make long voyages by bike across the city or even into the suburbs are very select of the quality of their bikes. They need a trustworthy mount and hence choose the best
  2. Having to travel long distances for long times, they need to wake up early and will often grab the best bikes to head to their destination.
  3. You end up with good bikes relocating at very specific areas at veyr specific times. The best are near residential areas at the outskirts of the day (very early or very late) and near the working areas during the day (where the voyagers park to go to work)

The Public bike species is evolving as we speak. The worst bikes are getting worse because they're mounted by the worse cyclists (the amateurs who travel short distances) and the best are preserved near the stables of excellence where long-distance travellers pamper them to stand yet another day of power-biking. 

Choose your camp and choose wisely !