uFAQ Volume 1 - un-Frequently Asked Questions : Porn star physiques, Mother insults and dating promiscuous boys and girls

Un-Frequently Asked Questions and some un-common answers ..



UFQA#1 - Why do Porn Stars have great Physiques ?

 One might think it is a professional prerequisite. As such it wouldn't be a correlation but rather a causality : The job requires a great physique, hence the actor or actress will strive to obtain a great body through nutrition and fitness. However, the problematic can and should be flipped as it is highly unlikely one strives for a great physique solely hoping to act in a porn movie.

Rather, and most probably, there aren't that many outlets for a girl or boy with an astounding body and looking to use that physique as a means of livelihood. Considered as such, modelling is one opportunity but much too competitive. The odds of winning a beauty contest are even lower. So the woman or man who spent time and money in the gym and on supplements is in search for ROI (Return On Investment) but see no viable opening.

Once confronted with the modelling and beauty industry's benchmarks they might realize they aren't part of the A-list. Hence, the 'reasonable' fall-back option is one of a high-paying, labor hungry industry a bit less demanding when it comes to body perfection.


UFQA#2 - How do I react when someone insults my mother ? 

Instinctively one feels she / he owes a lot to one's own mother. Anger and/or aggression are common reactions to 'mother insults'. One finds analogies between prostitutes and one's mother very insulting. One approach would be to consider prostitution a job like any other and hence downplay the insult. Another way to avoid a frontal position or a fight is to "rise beyond" the insult and consider it unworthy of attention.

The problem lies however in that the insult might be perpetrated in the presence of other people whose perception of that very insult is different. These might, on the one hand, perceive prostitution as a vile job, or might not see anything noble about "rising above" such an insult. In which case, one needs to "rise beyond" these perceptions as well, regardless of how much the opinion of these persons counts for one-self's esteem and in one's life.

Considering the complications this weighting process might ensue and the slowness of decision it might entail, a different approach is worth considering. Romain Gary, winner of the prestigious Goncourt price for French writers (twice !), tells the anecdote of how his mother reacted when he told her someone at school had insulted her and how mildly he had reacted:

"La prochaine fois qu’on insulte ta mère devant toi, la prochaine fois, je veux qu’on te ramène à la maison sur des brancards. Tu comprends ? (…) Je veux qu’on te ramène en sang" // "The next time someone insults your mother before you, the next time, I want them to bring you home on stretchers. You understand? (...) I want you back all bloodied"

In the instance where someone insults your mother, your reaction should be based on the fact you are the upbringing of the efforts of the person that is being insulted. You need to consider that insult not from the point of view of your present surroundings, not even from your own point of view. Even if that insult would not affect your mother, you need to regard it as an attempt of vandalism towards that grand act of love. It is an attempt to your very being.

If anyone insults your mother, do not over-think the consequences or recreate by contemplating what maturity means in such situations. The question worth asking here rather becomes: Why am I avoiding a fight ? Keep it simple:  If you can, send them bleeding to somewhere safe. If you can't, attempt to hurt them badly. If you're hurt, take your bruises and scars back home and smile back at your mother in tears, something somewhere, in a place you don't understand, is proud of you.



UFQA#3 - Should I date a girl / boy with a promiscuous past ?


Yes. Give yourself a second and consider your reaction when first reading this question: "A promiscuous girl / boy will let me down", "I'll be nothing more than a tool / toy". Now flip that reasoning. The promiscuous girl / boy chose you. Given their promiscuous past they should able to access a much larger spectrum of boys / girls by virtue of their experience and subsequent confidence and expertise.

Choosing you should be perceived as a great compliment. You have something no other prospect had. More so, to even consider the hassle of giving you time, it means none of the past boys / girls they dates had what you had or at least you might have something all the precedent ones never had. One other possibility is you have something nice and reminiscent of one or more of these precedents which in itself is also positive since, considering the cheer volume, that must be one extremely unique and sought-after feature. The future is looking good.

In retrospect and to push the reasoning further, now that it's obvious promiscuous girls and boys are a much more interesting prospect, you might have been selling yourself short if you've went out with a girl / boy who has only been with 3 guys / gals. The future is looking good however.