The first step to expansion

image In a guest series about apprenticeship Robert Greene tells the story of Zora Neale Hurston who, paradoxically, wasn't lucky enough to have a master or become an apprentice and had to self-direct herself towards higher accomplishments.

Interestingly, her first steps was reading books and it's back to the idea that exploring the adjacent possibilities, one must first pull in fresh material. One that is different from his own.

What the expression 'adjacent possible' actually misses is that the material that will lead you to your next hub or to that next dot you'll be able to connect is in no way truly 'adjacent'. It is not in the vicinity of your current knowledge. Rather it is your responsibility to gather distant notions and group them up. Ideas are not bounded entity limited and set in space. They cannot and are not mapped.

Ideas are free electrons shooting through space and readily available whenever they are summoned. Amazing little things.