You are going to get dumped right about ... now

The single biggest challenge when crunching numbers is to make sense out of the figures. But when presenting data, the challenge is to make its understanding intuitive. Data structures, Information design, Data visualization, the study of computational complexity are all fields that have been sky-rocketing since the data deluge started. And many have proved that data can be sexy, that information is beautiful. David McCandless is one of the maestros of this trend.


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But what's in all this revolution to you ? Well actually, thanks to David and his team, you now have a graph showing your likelihood to get dumped at any time of the year. Using 10,000 Facebook status updates and looking for patterns related to relations and break ups, they found, well, that your best chances of getting dumped are ... in roughly 3 weeks. So brace yourself people !


As you can see, the numbers go down on Christmas. Nobody's that cruel to hand this as a Christmas gift. But lots of people are drama-cruel enough to do it on Valentine's Day (!) and miserably funny enough to do it on April's fool day (!!).