The resounding sound of the beating heart of the upbeat man

Your heart awakens the dead. It cheers people up. You pass by a crowd and the crowd stops to listen to the beats your chest emits. You are the tambourine of life and energy and liveliness and joy. You are the sign of better days. Hope is the badaboum badabim that chimes through your torso. You are a buddhist gong slapping eveyr soul on the face, with a hand. A sound with a hand. An old hand. At the end of a smiley, tanned old man whose seen the sun and loved it so long he came back with a grin and a smile to slap the slow gloomy living cemetary of big cities. His blunt smile just made the reaper hide his scythe and hide his noseunderneath his cape. Glow upbeat man. Glow with your old youth. Your beautiful rock solid crystal joy