Nanoeconomics is not a word ... It's a world

Of course, Nanoeconomics is all based on collecting and analyzing massive passive social data in order to better understand society and help enhance social sciences. But beyond the business-minded, practical or even academic use of it, Nanoeconomics has a scope wide enough to encompass the poetical side of things. The calm smiling violent bloody reality that fixes you in the eye and says i love/hate you [ted id=316]

Go to the We feel fine page and don't stop browsing before you find the incredibly colorful galaxy below that Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvar helped unveil

Nanoeconomics smiles back at you. Can you imagine finally having a pair of binoculars in your hands to look at the world that's been rocking you, that is rocking you, that will keep rocking you as it did from to the cradle until you get to the grave. Smile on