Hacking binge eating

I don't know how many of us have dieted so much for so long they ended up with an eating disorder. I think the first step is to acknowledge it's not a fatality and actually put it out there.
There are many culprits here of course and many likely causes for why we end up bingeing : stress, gut microbes ... But I'm convinced 70% is due to an acquired neural pathway. In other terms : a habit. And neural pathways, in many ways, are like cancers : undesirable corpses grown from our own cells that feed on our food and relish the bad things we ingest.
In many ways then, we need to break that pathway and establish another one. It seems 30 days is the time it takes to destroy a habit and build a new one. I don't think that's enough in the case of an eating disorder. And i don't think it's the right strategy. Cycle every day to work and comes the time where it becomes a part of you, write every day and the same thing will happens. But for it to become a need, a crucial component of your being, it'll take years. I don't know if it relates to the 10,000 hour theory. That would be a long time.
Tim Ferris often starts by looking at examples of successful people when trying to solve a problem. He also deconstructs the problem into its smallest components. Successful people I shall find. But deconstructing the problem in order to find and push the right levers is just as essential.
As I stated earlier. Binge eating might be due to stress, gut microbe imbalance, coffee (which affects the gut lining if you have sensitivities), the emotional connection you have with a person (after whom you meet, you always end up bingeing)  ... 
Some of these are causes of hunger which is one of the real culprits of binge eating :
  • The reason I mention gut microbe is because I think a bacterial imbalance in the gut ends up affecting the brain's perception of hunger.
  • Your adipose tissue is out of whack sending all kinds of wrong signals to your mind though you just downed half a kilo of chicken (about a pound of chicken). This means your leptin isn't signaling satiety to your brain. The main reason is probably that it's not crossing the blood brain barrier and that's due to high triglyceride which hamper that signal and the crossing of the barrier.How can you lower triglyceride then ? Higher fat intake. Especially MCT oil or coconut oil. Dave Asprey puts it in his coffee in the morning. This might be a solution. 

If hunger was the only cause of binges, I would know. Hunger is hack-able as stated in the two points above. You can nail down the physiological causes. Still, there's 70% psyche here that need to be tackled. And that's something else. Hacking psyche should be possible if one writes everything down and tries to link causes and consequences or just figure out correlations while hoping to find some causation. I'll keep you posted !