Hacking stubborn fat

Hi everyone ! This is the first of many short bite-sized blog posts to come. I plan on keeping them short and daily. They're mainly reflections about material I've read and experiments I'm running. Today's post is a short take on stubborn fat.

What spiked my interest today was a post by ergo-log and another from Naturodoc. One might think stubborn fat is a bit like first world problems : A lean guy struggling to get rid of the layer covering his already bulging six packs compared to the fat guy holding 100 kg of fat (about 50 pounds). It's not however. Stubborn fat should be perceived as an indicator for many underlying dis-regulations.

What distinguishes it from "normal" fat is its ratio of beta-receptors to alpha-receptors which is lower. In layman terms, this means it cannot be mobilized for energy as easily as "normal" fat. Hence, it stays there. But there's much more to it as Naturodoc explains :

  • It doesn't have a high enough ratio of beta-receptors to alpha-receptors, so doesn't respond to adrenal fat-burning stimulation.
  • It has more estrogen receptors, which accelerates fat gain.
  • On top of all this, stubborn fat doesn't have a healthy blood circulation.  These slowly metabolized fat tissues have fewer blood vessels than a normal fat tissue, and consequently this fat is slower to metabolize, and therefore more stubborn or difficult to remove.

So looking at it this way, it seems obvious : we need to find a way to reverse that alpha to beta ratio. Easier said than done. But Tim Ferris did try a similar approach in this article. I've never used aminophylline though I did experiment with topical creams whose active compound was caffeine ... It was funny. And extremely useless. Rubbing caffeine on your belly is not the way to go.

So maybe we should tackle estrogen ? And that is a option. Calcium-d-glucarate is one way to go about it. Dave Asprey presents it as the miracle supplement to regulate estrogen. I've experimented with CDG and still am. Blood tests will show whether the effect has been positive as it is also supposed to lower LDL cholesterol.

But I think the Ergo-log post brings something to the equation. It suggests a mix of quercetin + reservatol "kills" fat cells. This, in many ways, is autophagy and reminds me of Tim Ferris' PAGG protocol in which very high dosage of green tea extract was aimed at "killing" fat cells. Whether this protocol or the ergo-log cocktail target stubborn fat, I don't know. I've tried the PAGG protocol with some great results but I was also dieting at the time.

Lyle McDonald might be one of the references here with his "stubborn fat solution". A lot of dedication to HIIT and slow cardio is involved however and, yes, of course, consistency is key in any hack but the idea here is to make it more minimalist.

This was a sum-up of all what I've read about stubborn fat. In the estrogen part, I should've mentioned the man behind the warrior diet. He has a specific stack of supplement to tackle stubborn fat which he thinks is a direct consequence of our toxin-heavy and estrogen-yielding environment. But the hack goes on. More on this soon !