The Vision

If evolution is the mother of all theories and the implicit logic underlying our becoming, what happens when we ponder upon it ? When we think about it ? When we tinker with it ? When we try to hack it ?

If evolution is a feedback based process, can we alter it by impacting that feedback ? By taking hold of it ? Controlling it ? Refining and honing it ? Are we able to do a better job than evolution ? Can we hack our way through life ?

And if this neo-evolution is taking place, if it is a reality, could it lead to better outcomes than evolution ? Can it be smarter ? Are we able to build a future better than the one our genes would normally lead us to ? Can we hack our way to a better being ?

As iconoclastic as these questions might be, hacking is the most natural thing we've ever done. It is the reflex we have when something feels broken, strange, different. We look. We think. We act.

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