Rise people, the revolution has come



And God am I ready for this. The adbusters activists are opening the way. I was reading the manifesto they are pinning to every neoclassical economics teacher in the US. Here is the link : Kick it over. Here is the text :

'' Kick It Over Manifesto

We, the undersigned, make this accusation: that you, theteachers of neoclassical economics and the students that yougraduate, have perpetuated a gigantic fraud upon the world.

You claim to work in a pure science of formula and law, but yours is asocial science, with all the fragility and uncertainty that this entails.We accuse you of pretending to be what you are not.

You hide in your offices, protected by your mathematical jargon,while in the real world, forests vanish, species perish and humanlives are callously destroyed. We accuse you of gross negligence inthe management of our planetary household.

You have known since its inception that one of your measures ofeconomic progress, the Gross Domestic Product, is fundamentallyflawed and incomplete, and yet you have allowed it to become a globalstandard, reported day in, day out in every form of media. We accuseyou of recklessly projecting an illusion of progress.You have done great harm, but your time is coming to a close.

Your systems are crumbling, your flaws increasingly laid bare. An economicrevolution has begun, as hopeful and determined as any in history. Wewill have our clash of economic paradigms, we will have our momentof truth, and out of each will come a new economics – open, holistic,human‑scale.

On campus after campus, we will chase you old goats out of power.Then, in the months and years that follow, we will begin the work ofreprogramming your doomsday machine.

Sign the manifesto at kickitover.org ''

And there is this one sentence that is simply astounding : ''we will have our momentof truth, and out of each will come a new economics – open, holistic,human‑scale''

Ladies and gentle adbusters, the new human-scale economics has a name : It's Nanoeconomics. Your revolution has started. Our revolution has started. We will not rest before this building comes tumbling down