What Is Your Icing on the Cake?

I've had two insights on love lately:

A special someone pointed out the glory of independent souls. How a relationship is really a strange equation in that 1+1=3. In that each entity is already quite happy and fulfilled on her own and a relationship is only there to add icing on the cake. A cake that's already quite amazing!

This echoed a comment a friend of mine had made earlier that month. He was seeing a girl whose mother was underwhelmed by him as she wanted her daughter to marry a prince. Literally. Only he didn't mind the sub-par treatment or the situation. He was so thrilled by life already that it all seemed like ... icing on the cake.

If you push the thinking, everything is icing on the cake. Or can be. Everything is extra. And you can be thankful for every single thing.

> How do we remind ourselves that everything is actually icing on the cake?

> Total gratefulness echoes Buddhism's effort not to be enslaved by any desire. That whatever you want and pursue will not complete the bliss but only add to it. That you always live in a state of "enough". If you were to design a smartphone app, how would it remind you that 'this' is 'enough'?!

Have a good sunday Impossible Family :)