How Do You Live With Your Ghosts? :°

In “A beautiful mind”, scientist John Nash is a schizophrenic genius who sees people who don’t exist. Eventually, he notices one of the ghosts he keeps imagining never ages. At that moment he understands it was a figment of his imagination all along. From there on, Nash, played by Russel Crowe, accepts that his ghosts are never leaving and that he’ll have to live with them and masterfully ignore them.

This is a beautiful metaphor of the emotions we’ve outgrown or chose to shelf. There are love stories we choose to leave in the past, bursts of anger and judgemental hubris we learn to ignore, split-second reflex answers we now see in a microsecond and keep to ourselves. Now, we look at them silently like an old friend whose company we’ve understood won’t lead us anywhere good. We breathe and walk away. We leave them be, voicing out their own monologue. So it is that we learn to live with our ghosts. 

> Which ghosts have you learned to ignore?
> How do you go about it?