Are you Distracted enough?

You've studied negative numbers in school! I did too! But I haven't realised how amazing they are until I left school! I find "-1" amazing for instance! It's 'minus' one! See what I mean? We fond a way to manifestly express something that is not manifest! There were 4 sheeps in the field. Now there are "4 - 1" sheep because of the Wolverine who ate one! We've found a way to express absence with presence! Wow!! For us to even think this up, in my mind, it means absence is an obsessive mental knob we keep turning. Subconsciously, most probably. But now get ready for a brain-gasm: 

I'm sitting in LA next to a pool and feeling cold. Now. I'm 'feeling' cold. However. When I frame my experience in an absence-minded way, a switch flips in my mind: I'm feeling cold because I'm not feeling warm or because warmth is absent. The second this pops in my mind, the experience of the cold is suddenly different. I am cold, of course, but the experience does not ripple through the mind as heavily causing irritation and a mild sense of anxiety. How does this relate to absence (or anything really)?

In a past Impossible post, we talked about how the centre of gravity is an amazing metaphor for the Self. There is no "Self" inside you. There is no "I". It isn't a pebble inside your brain pushing neurons around and provoking other thoughts. Nope. Just like the centre of gravity, it is an abstraction. More so, this specific abstraction, unlike most others in your mind, is the sum aggregation of all your feelings and emotions. Hence, when I realise I feel cold because of the absence of warmth, the gravitational coefficient of cold in the sum-all of my emotions suddenly decreases. Mediation accomplishes that by reminding you of the breath!

Think of these as planets! A universe inside you. The second you forget there are other 'planets' inside you and focus on a single one, your centre of gravity is heavily pulled towards it. All this to ask the following:

> Are you focusing on Distraction? When you get the feeling you're being pulled into a one-dimensional thought, a tunnel of sorts, do you consciously try to 1) flip the idea itself by thinking about the absent element that underlies it 2) expand your focus to remote elements (breath, the actual universe etc.) to reduce the gravitational pull of that idea?

> Do you have any other mental tricks to avoid your mind turns into a black hole :D