Can you glue a broken heart?

Today's impossible comes from our Impossible Joana Casaca Lemos! Btw, if you want to suggest an Impossible, reply with your burning question!

I have been trying to rationalise something which might be quite impossible to rationalize. That is romantic passion and the subsequent, inevitable heartbreaks. I find it interesting how heartbreaks can have such a drastic impact on someone's life. Romantic passion and heartbreak, two emotions which have fueled and still fuel much of artistic expression, as both a spiritual experience and a physical experience. For a long time I’ve been gathering various points of view from literature, art, science and trying to compose something to make sense of it all - if any - titled "A design methodology for the Heart”.

You gotta love our Impossible family!! "A design methodology for the Heart"!! As it happens, a week later, I was discussing the following start-up idea with a designer friend in Sao Paulo:

You insure your car against accidents, why not insure your heart against heartbreaks?
Insurance for relationships. You pay a monthly fee and you get paid back whenever you break up. It'll pay for the chocolate, the therapy, the meetic subscription, the tinder premium fee etc. Breaking up doesn't have to be so scary, get insured!

Only half-kidding to be honest. You see, I want to go into a relationship full-heartedly and want to love like there's no tomorrow but I know so well it'll sting like a (insert name of a dangerous beast) when it's over. I don't think this is "the way it is". A week ago, I coined the term "Emotional Innovation" with artist / entrepreneur / genius and friend Joao Paulo Cavalcanti. Anyone who meditated has see it happening! So!


How can we use what we know about evolution, project planning, pleasure/pain, neuroscience and our brainsto love like we should and can despite the threat of the break-up? Insurance? One-word mantras? Social institutions? Start-up? Life planning (Not getting into a "relationship" before 30)?