What is your "Calling"?

"The mind, conditioned as it is by the past, always seeks to recreate what it knows and is familiar with. Even if it is painful, at least it is something familiar. Nothing scares the egoic mind more than the unknown, the idea of something new, something different. The mind always adheres to the known. The unknown is dangerous because it has no control over it. That's why the mind dislikes and ignores the present moment." - Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now


We could discuss conditioning, being comfortable with discomfort, the beauty of the 'now' and a million such nice things. But the quote is here to echo years of findings regarding the Einstellung effect: The negative effect of previous experience when solving new problems. More specifically when it comes to our professional lives.

When taking a decision about the future of your relationship with your work - one of your three important marriages as David Whyte puts it - where does your mind go? Does it consider the practical (salary, location, relationship etc.)? Does your day-to-day happiness outweigh the latter? Or does your vision of what you'd like to give the world take over?

Whether it's a mixture of the three or not, I'd like to suggest you consider your "calling". Now, a calling is not a half-naked voice from a distant future (though why not?) calling you to fulfill your potential. Rather, it's an echo. It is the voice of your past. Precisely because your past experiences have forged who you are, they can serve as a compass. What you accomplish will bring you even greater joy if it fulfills, literally, your past selves' dreams. Your past ... Is your future.


Do you have a calling?

Do you consider your past dreams when you look to build your future?