Are you bored?

The highlighted bit kept me thinking:

"All human beings, then, are boring. The very word indicates the possibility of a classification. The word “boring” can designate just as well a person who bores others as someone who bores himself. Those who bore others are the plebeians, the crowd, the endless train of humanity in general; those who bore themselves are the chosen ones, the nobility. How remarkable it is that those who do not bore themselves generally bore others; those, however, who bore themselves entertain others. Generally, those who do not bore themselves are busy in the world in one way or another, but for that very reason they are, of all people, the most boring of all, the most unbearable… The other class of human beings, the superior ones, are those who bore themselves… They generally amuse others — at times in a certain external way the masses, in a deeper sense their co-initiates." 

In the quote, Kierkegaard considers busyness a distraction from living! Interesting as well is the use of "nobility". Similar to Nietzsche, it points to a desirable state of being. What this means is: Kierkegaard is advising we get bored. I agree! However, he goes further by saying "those, however, who bore themselves entertain others". Why?


Is it true that to "entertain others" i.e. to be interesting, one needs to be "bored with himself"?


Look up, think through, don't be shy, reply :) I can't wait to read your thoughts guys. The past weeks have been a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!! I feel like my brain's expanding through yours :O Impossible family, you make my soul larger :* Thank you!!