What is Your question?

In a curious way, Google is all about answers. So you could say that Google is increasing answers over time, but what’s interesting is that answers are becoming cheap; they’re almost free, and I think what becomes scarce in this kind of place that we’re headed to is questions, a really good question, because a really good question can unleash new questions.

In a certain sense what becomes really valuable in a world running under Google’s reign, are great questions, and that means that for a long time humans will be better at than machines.

Machines are for answers; humans are for questions.

The world that Google is constructing—a world of cheap and free answers—having answers is not going to be very significant or important. Having a really great question will be where all the value is.
— Kevin Kelly

In this case, fear can be an amazing excavation tool and it's to most sure-fire way to surface insights. Instead of doing it when you're 40 or, if you're 40, "later", let's do it now. This week's discussion is easy but incredibly hard. It is about the usual suspects we love to hate. Dangers we avoid ... at our own peril! The only defense is offense as someone might've said. Goes like this:

  1. Bring up the timer app on your phone
  2. Choose "3 minutes"
  3. Ask yourself - "Which question am I afraid to answer?" ... 3minutes
  4. Reply here with the answer

I'll share mine with everyone who joins the thread! Can't wait!