Zen meets Entropy

Here's a fun habit: 

  • Trigger: You just finished reading about X
  • Routine: Recall the last Y you read before X then try to connect X and Y (pen and paper)
  • Reward: Bathe in awe :D and do the secret victory dance

Here's one instance: How do Entropy and Zen relate ? Entropy is the fact cigarette smoke never goes back to the cigarette. It is the fact that the universe moves towards a state of dissipation. Entropy means that to un-break an egg, you need to change the order of the entire universe :°

Zen is a school of Mahayana Buddhism. The Japanese word "Zen" can be translated as "absorption". A proxy is mindfulness: A state of deliberate attention that enables you to peak, among other things, into the workings of the mind and its patterns.

So, now Entropy is X and Zen is Y. Let's stretch our minds and try to connect both. What is what in this parallel? I see mental patterns as the smoke of a cigarette. Reversing mental patterns means making the brain jump back in time to a past state. And for that, as entropy informs us, you'd need to change the entire universe.

Zen can't change your mind. Not right this moment at least. Zen cannot un-break an egg. If your hated nemesis pops into your mind and the thought provokes anger in you, being mindful of that won't take you back in time and certainly won't undo the release of neural chemicals.

Entropy is the sequentiality of space, existence even. Zen is a deep understanding of Entropy. You can't undo anything. Zen is the acceptance of the fact you cannot reverse the state of things as they are now. Right now, things are what they are. Entropy and Zen are invitations to be patient :) Have a patient morning.