Let's Become Real-life Transformers !

I'm only interested in people engaged in a project of self-transformation.” ― Susan Sontag. I love how Sontag uses the word "transformation" rather than "improvement". I've been wary of the latter ever since I read the following by Alan Watts: "I can only think seriously of trying to live up to an ideal, to improve myself, if I am split in two pieces. There must be a good I who is going to improve the bad me."

Guys, I want to try something from now on. Let me explain. Self-transformation is one worthy life-long ride. It's really cool. Embracing self-transformation is like discovering cubism, Life starts looking different. Criticism and feedback are suddenly welcome, hardship becomes a boon and sorrow, a fascinating opportunity for exploring oneself. One becomes the growth individual superstar psychologist Carol Dweck outlines in her book "The Growth Mindset".

But how do you transform into a growth individual? I've contemplated the virtues of epiphany but have outgrown it. One book or one moment might flip your life forever. But repetitive, small habits are a surer bet. It is small recurring waves that carved the most beautiful coasts not once in a century meteor showers. And same for your mind. Habits. Habits. Habits. The key to transformation and the tool of any growth individual on a project of self-transformation.

So ! From now on, I'm going to suggest a habit at the end of each Impossible Idea ! A practical tool for everyday self-transformation. Knowledge is a fluffy cloud if it doesn't manifest in actions. And I'll use Charles Duhigg's paradigm, Trigger -> Routine -> Reward, to create these habits. So one example is "The Habit of turning knowledge into Habits" :D - I'm meta-laughing alone here :(

  • Trigger - I just e I REALLY want to remember
  • Routine - Take a pen and paper and create a habit loop (Trigger, Routine, Reward)
  • Reward - Do a secret victory dance

We'll see how this goes ;) Have an amazing morning :*