Wonder as a key to luck ... and everything

"Richard Wiseman is a researcher in England who has studied why certain people are lucky and certain people are unlucky, and what he’s found is that the people who tend to be more lucky have a much more open stance to their world. They interact with people at gatherings or parties who are different from them. They’re just more open to different types of people, and unlucky people tend to just stick to their very own type, people who are of similar backgrounds, similar educational backgrounds" - Eric Barker

In other words, lucky people are more attracted to the world and find it more worthy of wonder. But how do you flesh out wonder from everyday monotony? Philosopher Daniel Dennett gives us two possible answers "Artists and Philosophers agree on one thing: One of their self-appointed tasks is to make the familiar strange". Dennett's hint is the following: Wonder is the cultivation of a single skill: Jootsing (Jumping Out Of The System).

Consider this: Professional wrestling is fake and people know it but don't care. Wrong ! They experience it and experience trumps reality. If we are engaged in the moment enough, we stop caring about the overarching truths ... until a "crisis" hits that questions the system (we get bored during a wrestling match) or breaks the covenant (a wrestler truly hurts another). Mathematician Eric R. Weinstein calls this phenomenon "Kayfabe". The point is: Reality is secondary ! It is the jump in and out of Reality and the concurrent system that builds fascination.

Another thought - just for you - What is beauty really ? Fat, thin, tall, short etc. ? Non-sense. It's when I look at you and suddenly realize your very being pulls me out of reality. When I look at you and see you as a breach in time and space. Good morning :)