Your mind's tongue

Guess who's back ?! The coolest cyborg on Earth that's who :)

For the late-comers to Impossible, Batou up here is a super-duper-police officer in a series called "Ghost in The Shell" - A post-cyberpunk futuristic japanese anime that asks the tough questions about human consciousness in a world where humans are made entirely of robot parts and where robots have near-human intelligence. In the movie out of the series, Batou and Togusa talk cuisine ... and beyond ;)

Togusa: Oh, man, that looks good. I've hardly been home lately. I could use a home-cooked meal.

Batou: Hm. Do you have any idea what that is?

Togusa: Eel, right? Gimme a break, even I know that.

Batou: Guess again. What you're drooling over is a mock eel dish that was created out of shiitake mushrooms and gluten.

Togusa: Huh?

Batou: Taiwanese vegan. Su Shi is what it's known as. It's a unique and time-honored style of cooking that Buddhist priests developed independently.

Togusa: Is it like Buddhist vegan cooking?

Batou: Sorta. It differs from Japanese Buddhist vegan cuisine, and it doesn't cook the ingredients as-is. It plays with the flavor and texture beans and mushrooms to imitate that are meat and fish. Fake food, it's the same kind of idea the one in that sandwich you didn't finish.

Togusa: Are you serious? But why? Why did Taiwanese priests come up with such an elaborative way to prepare their food like that? If they never knew what meat tasted like, then you wouldn't think there'll any need for it, right?

Batou: Yeah, true enough. Except, before those people enter the priesthood, they were free to eat whatever they please. You can meditate all you want, but you're never be able to erase those savory memories.

Togusa: You gotta point there. You seem to know whole a lot about this. Hey, Boss, don't tell me you get semtimental for the taste of the real thing, too.

Batou: Just because you're a cyborg doesn't mean that you stop craving things like that. That's precisely the reason why they make novelty food for people who are cyberized.

Togusa: Yeah, I suppose you can consider the sense of taste as a sort of playback device, then, for past memories.

Gosh :) Good morning people !!!