How your belly can rid you of that crappy attitude

Your belly can rid you of your crappy attitude ! Let me explain :D So. You might have looked at your belly some time ago and thought: "Must be all the X". Let's consider imaginary frat student "Cool Luke". In his case, he thinks Beer is the culprit (X = Beer). But it's not.

And it's not Luke's fault for thinking so: "The reality of the causal nexus is cognitively ignored in favor of the cartoon of single causes. While useful for a forager, this machinery impoverishes our scientific understanding, rendering discussions (...) of the "causes" — of cancer, war, violence, mental disorders, infidelity, unemployment, climate, poverty, and so on — ridiculous."John Tooby,


Beer is one of the causes of Luke's Belly. The beer-induced late night kebabs are another. And same for your crappy attitude you beautiful frowning creature :) Your crappy attitude is much more interesting than just a direct cause of your boss' (insert beautiful insult). Maria Popova writes: "One has to wonder whether that desire for contact, whatever its nature or cost, might be a universality of the human condition (...). Aggression is, perhaps, the only form of contact of which (we) are capable (sometimes), and yet it is contact (we) crave so compulsively."

See ? Your aggression partly stems from a need for contact. You want to reach out to your boss. Amazing ! So next time you're about to pluck his / her eyes out. Put a hand on your belly. Your belly and your induced crappy attitude are both more complex than you think. It's a blind spot of your understanding. Let's smile and bathe in this beautiful ignorance. Good morning :D