Foursquare Check-in for your Brain

Two Amazing pictures today. Check this one out from Wikipedia. Did you know your body members are mapped in your brain in this way ?! It's amazing !

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 17.55.35.png

Ok, now this one by Joel Gold, psychiatrist and professor at NYU. His CV makes the map a bit more truthful ;) Notice where 10. First Sex is and where 19. Wife (soulmate) and 20. Ex-Wife (soulless) are :)


That memory and members overlap and meet in different areas of our brain is ... mind-blowing ! Now I'm less puzzled by Russel Foster's TED talk about how sleep is linked to mental illnesses. An amazing person wrote me this metaphor about how we're like computers: Hardware and Software and how "some software is not adapted to certain hardware". Amazing how the brain is hardware and software. Your memories (software) shape the structure of your brain (hardware) ! Good morning :D