Your Single Binary Sense !

We've already spoken about ALan Watts' and his idea regarding how the mind only perceives the "On" side of reality (noises, lights, discussions etc.) while it disregards and even gets bored with the "Off" side (silence, darkness, blancs in a conversation etc.).

Today Watts delivers yet another mind blow. You've heard about sixth senses, even a seventh sense or an eighth sense. Non-interestingness aside however :) Watts explains how you effectively have a Single sense !

"All your five senses are differing forms of one basic sense—something like touch. Seeing is highly sensitive touching. The eyes touch, or feel, light waves and so enable us to touch things out of reach of our hands. Similarly, the ears touch sound waves in the air, and the nose tiny particles of dust and gas. But the complex patterns and chains of neurons which constitute these senses are composed of neuron units which are capable of changing between just two states: on or off. To the central brain the individual neuron signals either yes or no – that’s all. But, as we know from computers which employ binary arithmetic in which the only figures are 0 and 1, these simple elements can be formed into the most complex and marvelous patterns."

Today's mission : Pass on the impossible :D Ask your colleagues what sense of theirs they believe is above average then blow their mind with some Watts wits - notice what I did there ? Good morning !