Stop treating time like space

  • We're out of time
  • (Jimmy, after pausing and noticing his thoughts) Reminds me of Bergson. He wrote about the nature of time. How it was a fluid continuum.
  • Pass me the wire
  • (Jimmy hands the wire to Vernon) Take this micro-wave. If you heat up bread for 10 minutes, the results will be completely different from if you heat it up twice 5 minutes consecutively. It's not a segment you can cut in half then stick to the other half and expect the same result. Time is different from space. You can't treat time as space.
  • Wrap it up
  • (Jimmy wraps the wire around his elbow) For conscience, time is of another nature. It is the continuous flux that goes on between two limits which science defines. Bergson said that we spatialised time. That we turned it into space. But it's not space ! The starting point for the bread after a 5 minute stop is different from 5 minutes into a 10 minute heating session
  • Stick it
  • (Jimmy sticks the wire inside the microwave) You know Time is now the most used word in the english language whereas many primitive peoples, for instance the Amondawa tribe of the amazon and the australian aborigines, do not even have a word for it
  • The knob Jimmy, and let's head out
  • (Jimmy turns the micro-wave knob to 5 minutes and follows Vernon to the exit) But you see what I mean ? Space exists. It's here. Look I can touch the door, open it. We're going down the stairs. But time ! I can't see time. It's a meta-idea. The only way for me to grasp time is that I was in that apartment a minute ago and now am in this car with you. Time is just a description of a change in space.
  • Blow it

Jimmy pulls the dongle. The micro-wave kicks off a 5 minute heating session and while the two shoot out into the night, the 5th floor of the biggest building on Descartes street explodes briefly afterwards. Vernon mumbles: "Time describes the fact space cannot be undone - you can't go back in time unless you change space to what it was". "Yes!" shouts Jim. "Well - that's the essence of our mission Jim then: Undoing time". Jim smiles. Vernon smirks. And they stay silent for the rest of the drive.