The purpose of philosophy

For those of you who were wondering what Philosophy was for. Here's from an interview with Alain de Botton :)

"I had a line in the book I cut that said 'The nirvana would be if the questions raised by Oprah Winfrey would be answered by the faculty at Harvard.' The questions she asks are the most central – how do we live with other people, how do we cope with our ambitions, how do we survive as a society – though she fails to answer them with anything like seriousness."

He thus suggests he and Oprah, unlike our philosophy departments, have a surer grasp on society's anxieties. "I once very politely raised the thought that one reason philosophy departments have been cut is the fault of philosophers. The answer always comes back: 'The point of philosophy is to ask questions, not to give answers.' I can't help but think 'No. It can't be!' Imagine if you applied that question to other areas – is the purpose of rocket science to ask questions about rockets?"

Have an impossible morning :D