The Eternal Deja Vu

Today's mind-blowing Impossible comes courtesy of Douglas Coupland :)

"I take comfort in the fact that there are two human moments that seem to be doled out equally and democratically within the human condition—and that there is no satisfying ultimate explanation for either. One is coincidence, the other is déja vu. It doesn’t matter if you’re Queen Elizabeth, one of the thirty-three miners rescued in Chile, a South Korean housewife or a migrant herder in Zimbabwe—in the span of 365 days you will pretty much have two déja vus as well as one coincidence that makes you stop and say, “Wow, that was a coincidence.” (...)"

"What’s both eerie and interesting to me about déja vus is that they occur almost like metronomes throughout our lives, about one every six months, a poetic timekeeping device that, at the very least, reminds us we are alive. I can safely assume that my thirteen year old niece, Stephen Hawking and someone working in a Beijing luggage-making factory each experience two déja vus a year. Not one. Not three. Two. The underlying biodynamics of déja vus is probably ascribable to some sort of tingling neurons in a certain part of the brain, yet this doesn’t tell us why they exist."

Deja Vus might be triggered by a certain set of events or a specific thought pattern, unique for each of us: You're scrolling through an article, see the color blue and feel the wind caressing your hand - suddenly the station you're visiting for the first time looks familiar. Most likely Deja Vus are an evolutionary bug ! The brain is made aware of a present perception but labels it as a past perception. The now is perceived as a souvenir ! Imagine you save your powerpoint on the 6/6/14 and the computer shows "5/4/13" - Imagine your brain perceiving the present as an eternal past, because two neural paths misfired simultaneously. As if you had lived all your life already and were just reviewing it constantly ! Imagine an eternal life-long Deja Vu !