The beauty of whirlpools

Vernon was hiding the threads behind the chimney edge. Jimmy was done with the bomb and inspecting the apartment: "I wonder if this is beautiful. I mean. It's all beautiful. But some stuff is More beautiful". Vernon, having hid the cords, stand up and points to the exit. Jimmy ponders: "Stendhal wrote - Beauty is nothing but the promise of happiness". Vernon running down the stairs: "So this house is beautiful because I see myself crashing it with friends, relaxing in it on a Sunday (pause) Is beauty nothing but anticipation?".

Jimmy opens the building gate and heads to the car parked three streets away, takes off his gloves: "I really like Bergson's conception of what we are. So! imagine a whirlpool - it is ever-moving, ever-changing, different every single second. Yet looked at from a distance, it seems identical !". Vernon smiles: "You mean there's no real "You". It's just a moving illusion". He opens his tupperware and picks frozen pieces of tuna.

  • Yes yes yes! So it's beautiful right ? This mix of change and constance
  • And change is the only constant
  • So that's my question ! If that's the essence of what we are, shouldn't we take constant change into account when designing for beauty? Isn't this the "right" kind design ?
  • So your whirlpool (chews the tuna) It feels like you're using constance as a trojan horse for change here buddy (pause) Stagnancy doesn't work and a standstill design is doomed (longer pause) Feels like your anti-fragile stuff. Anti-fragile is beautiful
  • Yes !
  • Is it time?

Jimmy looks at the device's watch, glimpses at Vernon, turns the two knobs and pulls the small dongle. The fifth floor explodes in a gigantic boom and every single alarm in the street is triggered. "Here's to beauty" says Vernon. They drive away in the night.