Ideas with toned bodies

"What do ideas look like ?" Jimmy closed the door of the submarine, frowned for a second, realized he was frowning, stopped and headed to the control room. Jake was watching a documentary about slime moulds.

"Hey Jake". Jake pauses the video and stares at Jimmy. "what do you think ideas look like?" Jake sips his coffee. "For one, it's chemical reactions in your brain. Each is a unique configuration. It's a matter of how you represent that configuration. Code it with colors, draw a graph with spikes, a heat map". Jimmy sits down: "What if ideas were women ?"

Jake looks at the submarine's sonar. "I'm watching this documentary about slime moulds. They're mindless creatures and though their predictive and self-conscious behaviour might seem intelligent, it's actually the product of an ingrained behaviour dictated by the imperative of survival". Jake looks Jimmy in the eye.

  • Now stop - One step back - Look at your mind - This whole shabang about slime moulds: What woman doesn't resemble?
  • She's a metis with braided hair, firm laps and arms, bloodied eyes and swift moves.
  • e=mc2
  • A woman with wild white hair and a young fresh face, butterfly wings and piercing eyes
  • Responsibility is an emergent property
  • Blond. Extremely tall. Thin. Her eyes are closed and her tight silk top has loose sleeves

"Some must be heavy heavy monstrosities though ! (pause then sipping his coffee again) just like beauty is something you grasp quickly, ideas could trigger first impressions as well. Wonder what a great idea looks like" Jimmy thinks "A mega bomb?". They laugh and sit down in the submarine main steering room. Jake rewinds the documentary and they watch it together.