What Francium and You have in common

We're starting the week with failure. And a smile mind you :) Failure, as a concept, is on the rise. It is 'cool' to fail nowadays. Look at the start-up world. Failure is a must. If you haven't failed, you probably don't know what you're talking about. N. Taleb's antifragility echoes that:

"Consider that Mother Nature is not just “safe.” It is aggressive in destroying and replacing, in selecting and reshuffling . When it comes to random events, “robust” is certainly not good enough. In the long run everything with the most minute vulnerability breaks, given the ruthlessness of time— yet our planet has been around for perhaps four billion years and, convincingly, robustness can’t just be it: you need perfect robustness for a crack not to end up crashing the system. Given the unattainability of perfect robustness, we need a mechanism by which the system regenerates itself continuously by using, rather than suffering from, random events, unpredictable shocks, stressors, and volatility."

Yes! You must commit failures. Develop a taste for them and intentionally provoke them. It is only then that rising out of failure becomes habitual and second-nature. Sarah lewis writes about what it 'feels' like when you've transcended failure:

"Trying to find a precise word to describe the dynamic is fleeting, like attempting to locate francium, an alkali metal measured but never isolated in any weighted quantity or seen in a way that the eye can detect – one of the most unstable, enigmatic elements on the Earth No one knows what it looks like in an appreciable form, but there it is, scattered throughout ores in the Earth’s crust. Many of us have a similar sense that these implausible rises must be possible, but the stories tend to stay strewn throughout our lives, never coalescing into a single dynamic concept… The phenomenon remains hidden, and little discussed. Partial ideas do exist – resilience, reinvention, and grit – but there’s no one word to describe the passing yet vital, constant truth that just when it looks like winter, it is spring."

Bolding above is my own to say: It is not a conscious decision or realization. You cannot comprehend failure and thrive on it. Only (painful, recurrent) experience  allows one to auto-inject the vaccine.