Total Responsibility

Ghost in the Shell is back ! Hideo Kuze, refugee leader in GIST 2nd Gig starts it today: "I see people doing nothing about what is happening around them". See, Total Responsibility is not only about what you did. Here are two spotlights to extend your understanding of it:

"It felt so SO good to realize it was my fault! This is way better than forgiving. When you forgive, you’re still playing the victim, and they’re still wrong, but you’re charitably pardoning their horrible deeds. But to decide it’s your fault feels amazing! (...) What power! Now you’re like a new super-hero, just discovering your strength. Now you’re the powerful person that made things happen, made a mistake, and can learn from it. Now you’re in control and there’s nothing to complain about." - Derek Sivers

"Insofar as it’s possible, and not crazy, I want to enlarge to the furthest extent possible my sense of my own autonomy, so that in friendship and love relationships I’m eager to take responsibility for both the good and the bad things. I don’t want this attitude of “I was so wonderful and that person did me in.” Even when it’s sometimes true, I’ve managed to convince myself that I was at least co-responsible for bad things that have happened to me, because it actually makes me feel stronger and makes me feel that things could perhaps be different" - Susan Sontag

We evolved to follow the path of least resistance and won't rise up and take responsibility unless we believe in something beyond us. Unless our belief system is overridden by something so important and compelling, effort is no longer an issue. Hideo's idea was to use the web as a superstructure which would drive people to taking responsibility ... No spoilers ;)