Your keyboard and the complex beauty of your anger

Today's impossible starts with John McWhorter's story :)

"Path dependence refers to the fact that often, something that seems normal or inevitable today began with a choice that made sense at a particular time in the past, but survived despite the eclipse of the justification for that choice, because once established, external factors discouraged going into reverse to try other alternatives. The paradigm example is the seemingly illogical arrangement of letters on typewriter keyboards. Why not just have the letters in alphabetical order (...) ? (...) the first row was provided with all of the letters in the word typewriter so that salesmen, new to typing, could wangle typing the word using just one row."

Now it seems Path dependence has a distant alter-ego nephew in the world of ideas: "mean reversion" - a stock-trading concept stating prices revert back to the average. In many ways, this is absurd - You look at a curve with high and low points and figure it must converge to the middle ! Unless you think it's .. path-dependent. Still what's interesting is how this relates to you and your anger :)

So that's where they went :)

So that's where they went :)

The regularities observed in one's thought and behaviour over long periods of time are effectively a person's "mean" - the personality or character he reverts to. That mean, your character, is, then, a path-dependent pattern, created one thought, one action at a time. Anger in that context is a form of emotional procrastination - When you get angry against someone, you're not thinking about the consequences to the future of your relationship and rather dash out at the person immediately as if you didn't care if the relationship ended today. Anger in that sense is a beautiful warning that the pattern of your self can sometimes be carved without you knowing. A gentle manifesto for taking hold of yourself.