The case for veggie sound effects

Wikipedia mentions how Heston Blumenthal "pioneered the use of sound as part of the dining experience with his Sound of the Sea dish where diners listen to a recording of the seaside – crashing waves with occasional sounds of distant seagulls, children's laughter and the horn of a ship, while they eat a dish of king fish". Barry Smith adds:

Flavour perception is the result of multisensory integration of gustatory, olfactory and oral somatosensory information into a single experience whose components we are unable to distinguish. It is one of the most multi-sensory experiences we have and can be influenced by both sight and sound. The colours of wines and the sounds food make when we bite or chew them can have large impacts on our resulting appreciation and assessment - Barry C. Smith, The Senses and the Multisensory in This will make you smarter

With an insight like this, how do you make children eat more veggies and fruits? Not by tuning broccolis into animated cartoons unfortunately. But by making vegetable and fruit eating an unforgettable multisensory experience !

Eating bananas ? Put the sound of the jungle. Bring the rainforest to the kitchen. Play a movie of a chimpanzee jumping from tree to tree to get his banana. Tomato soup ? A volcano video on the side ! Iceberg lettuce for the first time ? Put the sound of an iceberg breaking in the background ! Something memorable ...

Every vegetable serving should come with a soundtrack, imagery and visual effects !