Beware ! Wild Dot Connection Ahead

Today's special and Wild ! Ready to wake up ? Let me start by paraphrasing Osho's talk, "I am a Spiritual Playboy".

For too long, we've drawn a line between sinners and saints. A monk couldn't possibly desire a woman. Buddha or Jesus would never go to a rave ! "What is wrong if Buddha is dancing in a disco ?" Osho asks "It looks so beautiful". I'd rather be with the sinners. That's much more fun ! All the saints are dead ! And here's a beautiful girl in the disco. You think Buddha or Jesus would be scared ? Afraid of falling back from enlightenment and sanctity ? If that were the case, they were never enlightened in the first place !

The case Osho's making is one of wholeness. Ideally, sinners and saints would dance together on a single dancefloor. Exactly Jesus and Buddha's message actually. And now I go cuckoo. Remember Ghost in The Shell ? There's a movie as well. One where a supercomputer software programme, aptly called the Puppet Master, gains self-consciousness. He spends the movie trying to reach Major Motoko, smartest cyberpunk girl around.

“I want us to merge” he says ! "I want a guarantee to be myself. But there isn’t one. In a changing environment. Why would you want to be one. Your effort to stay one is what limits you." Copies are only copies. They can be destroyed by a single virus. Originality and diversity is what ensured our survival ... "Let’s become a part of all things" says the Puppet Master.

I won't tell you what happens next but it's an amazing reminder of how silly a distinction between sin and virtue is. Wholeness is where it's at :)