Copernicus can still blow your mind

Nicolaus Copernicus proved that the Earth is not the centre of the universe. The Copernican principle however can be extended beyond its initial spatial purpose:

The Copernican Principle has also been extended to our temporal position by astrophysicist J. Richard Gott to help provide estimates for lifetimes of events, independent of additional information. As Gott elaborated, other than the fact that we are intelligent observers, there is no reason to believe we are in any way specially located in time. It allows us to quantify our uncertainty and recognize that we are often neither at the beginning of things, nor at the end - Samuel Arbesman in "This Will Make you Smarter"

Similarly the Copernican principle can be applied to time (we're not living at a special time in history), to space (our planet is not at a special spot in the galaxy), to our senses (dogs can smell notes we'll never dream of smelling), to genes (there are more foreign genes in your body than your own - say hello to bacteria). Take Spiral dynamics which relativizes human development and fits it in a scale. Same for truths ! Why would the certainties of our times be the end-point of truths ? General relativity could one day be re-thought as part of a larger framework. The truths of our generation are the falsehoods and our children will laugh at our beliefs just like we laugh at our ancestors' debunked certainties.

Spiral Dynamics

Spiral Dynamics

Extended further, it gives us a sense of what it feels like to recognise that our consciousness is probably not the only or even the ultimate form of awareness in the universe ! It helps us accept the possibility that, though unique, it's not at a special spot on some self-biased scale.