How to become a male stripper

From, 8 steps to becoming a male stripper:

  1. Evaluate your confidence and comfort levels
  2. Work Out
  3. Assemble a costume
  4. Choose your music
  5. Practice your dancing
  6. Choose your stage name
  7. Get a headshot
  8. Join a reputable agency (Wikihow writes "Choosing the right Male Stripper agency to represent you is vital in your quest for success")

Taylor Cole and Justin Whitfield (image below), authors of "Take It Off! The Naked Truth About Male Strippers" explain why a female audience is much harder to please: 

I asked the guys to explain why (based on my limited experience, mostly from movies) male strippers seemed to have choreographed group routines, whereas female strippers just seem to do their own thing. The guys say “When men go to a strip club they wanna see some naked women. Women come in, they wanna see a man with a good job--firemen, policemen. Women require much more to get stimulated because it’s in their minds whereas men, it’s all in their…little head.” And apparently, women really like to make a guy work for it. The guys add, “It’s harder to make a girl wanna get up and give a guy money, you really have to entertain a girl.”