Supermarkets are a "bug"

In a speech from Sept. 29 at the TechCrunch "Disrupt" conference, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said "your car should drive itself. It just makes sense (...) It's a bug that cars were invented before computers". Cars know speed limits, maps, traffic patterns and, once deployed at scale, would probably be more reliable in keeping us safe than our error-prone selves. People driving cars is a technology bug. It's non-sensical !

What's really interesting though is the extension of this same thought to other fields :

  • People choosing their diets is absurd ! No single human being has a perfect knowledge of all nutritional studies conducted in the last 20 years. Not one of us knows the perfect amount of protein, fats and carbs to eat or how to supplement smart. IBM's Watson would do a better job ordering the food you should be eating online on your behalf.
  • People managing their finances is also madness ! It's Saturday night and you're going out to get drunk with your credit card ... And a 1000 GBP upper limit. You have 0 willpower by 2am and a free access to all your money !
Bee hives and Data centres look oddly similar !

Bee hives and Data centres look oddly similar !

During a Trust-wave security training this interesting sentence popped up "Remember, humans are the weakest link in any security program. Even the best planned security networks can fall prey to the deception and manipulation of social engineers. Remembering that social engineering can happen anywhere to anyone can help you keep from becoming a victim."

Diets, workouts, driving, personal finance, child education ... None of us can compute all of science's insight into our every day decisions. Renouncing free will might be the most mature thing to do in some instances.