Evolution's quirks - Funny / Strange Ego

One of men's best kept secrets:

He has his ego, and nothing deflates it more than the thought that a woman's sole interest in him is sexual. This may not sound plausible, but it's one of the best-kept male secrets. Just let a man think any woman he's at all interested in would have gone to bed with any other presentable male who chanced by, and he is enraged and starts competing. He will immediately begin to turn hand-springs on her lawn (intellectually and even physically), trying to convince her he's really a pretty special guy – out of bed as well as in. This is where his talents as a seducer will stand him in good deal

Mimi Sheraton - The Seducer's cookbook

Funny / strange that the only thing capable of bringing out a man's less vain and shallow side is an attempt at reducing him to a single dimension and a subsequent scratch to his wide-reaching Ego. Make him think he's anything less than prince charming and he'll do everything to prove he is prince charming !

As if the key to a man's Heart was his ... Ego ! He might even end up cooking for you !