Project Managers ! You are Key to our Neo-Evolution

Neo-evolution is understood as the phenomena by which a species no longer evolves due to changes in its environment but rather starts changing its own environment. Now you know what you're part of :) But Matt Ridley in "This Will Make You Smarter" under "Collective Intelligence" nuances this super-power:

"The key to human achievement is not individual intelligence at all. The reason human beings dominate the planet is not because they have big brains: Neanderthals had big brains but were just another kind of predatory ape. Evolving a 1200-cc brain and a lot of fancy software like language was necessary but not sufficient for civilization. (...) Human achievement is entirely a networking phenomenon. It is by putting brains together through the division of labor — through trade and specialisation — that human society stumbled upon a way to raise the living standards, carrying capacity, technological virtuosity and knowledge base of the species."

Having read Alan Smith and ingurgitated theories about the pin factory and the of labour, it took me a while to willingly connect dots in that sector of knowledge. But think about it! Someone divided labour in that pin factory. Call him project manager or what have you... She or he is our oldest technologist as Management is a technology. Now, I consider philosophy, language and a bunch of other stuff technologies as well. Why? Because they are once removed from "pure reality" i.e. what a creature with no consciousness experiences. And why is management vital to our evolution?

D'emberton writes "Take the smartest person in the world, and they might dazzle you with some incredible feats. But take someone who can always do what they set their mind to? That person could take over the world." What is it that helps us, as a species, do what we set our mind to? "The function of management is to minimize deviations from plan, and thus help produce predictable results on important dimensions." Say good morning to the closest manager impossible-rs :D