When Everything is Amazing

Chade-Meng Tan heads "Search Inside Yourself", Google's meditation course for employees. In a talk at the RSA, he mentions a beautiful habit he developed. Whenever Chade-Meng Tan meets somebody, he thinks:  "I want you to be happy". No need to think anything more or imagine hocus pocus energy flowing towards the other person. Simply think "I want you to be happy".  

A dear friend of mine created a personal version of this practice. He sits down for a single minute - not a second more - and thinks of all the people he loves. I tried it out and, for a minute, wished every person I know all the happiness possible. No overthinking - simply thinking it. An effort light enough to bring forth the feeling. Close your eyes. Give an honest shot today and get back to me once you're done :)

Olivier Emberton writes: "Kids are geniuses. We rarely prize people for acting like a child. The world is forever telling us to “grow up” and “take responsibility”, as if anything else is a bug in the system. On the contrary – childish behaviour can be quite brilliant. Kids try many things. Stupid things, like eating soil or rollerskating on ice. But they’re fearless and relentless. Kids don’t know what they don’t know. So they question everything. Kids are easily bored. They live in fantasy worlds because present reality is limiting."

I like this and I'd argue there's a magical sweet point in childhood where the world itself is a fantasy world. We look around and every cricket is a spaceship, every ladybug is a gypsy caravan, and every person is a disguised Pumba or [Insert favorite Disney character]. Somewhere inside our brains, that same mental network can still fire up. Find it, wake it up and look at the world around you. What happens when everything is amazing? Could you still complain? Well, take this: PhD Gino Yu asked me to feel anger while breathing from my diaphragm. Impossible! Some things don't go together (Try it). Same for amazingness. The brain circuitry simply overrides complaint. Good morning amazing people :)